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Senior Web Developer



Direct a team of Web Developers through projects.

What does a Senior Web Developer do?

The role that websites play in our lives is getting bigger every day. Moms blog about their newborns, students research papers, and companies use their websites to sell products. In order for those websites to work properly, Programmers and Web Designers work hard to input the correct computer language and coding. Senior Web Developers do anything from supervising Web Developers to writing code to selling an idea for a website layout.

As a Senior Web Developer, you’ve put in your time within the website development world. You probably dabbled in web design in college, found work as a Software Programmer, and moved into the Web Developer seat. From there, you proved your managerial skills and computer knowledge until you earned the Senior Web Developer job.

Now that you’re there, your plate is full. For starters, you’re probably the main face of customer relations. That means you meet with customers, discuss their needs, and present ideas until you’ve hammered out a plan for their website. Then you oversee the project while your staff creates a streamlined, efficient, and quirk-free website.

We’re not just talking about a facebook page or a listing of company products, but in-depth, interactive websites like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, and the like. With shopping carts, encryption, security issues, and myriad other concerns, you spend a good deal of time troubleshooting and fixing problems.

Whether you work freelance or are employed by a major corporation, your skills are the basis for each customer’s Internet presence. That can mean significant profit or business failure.

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