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Senior Advisor



Serve as an expert on the needs of seniors.

What does a Senior Advisor do?

Every group of citizens has unique needs, and anyone providing services to that group will benefit from a better understanding of their customer (or patient or client). A Senior Advisor is someone who understands the unique financial, social, and health concerns of seniors.

What the title “Senior Advisor” really means is that you’ve been specially trained to understand the needs of seniors. You know about government programs and social security. You also have a better understanding of loneliness, grief, and the other hardships that seniors face.

Becoming a Senior Advisor is typically an educational supplement to your current knowledge. For example, if you’re an Accountant or a Lawyer, becoming a Certified Senior Advisor would earn you credibility with seniors seeking professional assistance.

In addition, earning the designation can make your current job easier and perhaps provide a pay increase. If you’re a Teacher, Nurse, or Home Care Provider, for example, your in-depth understanding allows you to provide more appropriate care. Likewise, if you work as a Financial Planner or Investment Specialist, you could suggest specialized investment choices that are compatible with retirement expenses.

There are myriad opportunities to work as a Senior Advisor. You could be a Social Service Worker who specializes in connecting senior citizens with resources such as medical care, housing, job opportunities, or transportation. Or, you could find an administrative position within a senior care facility, hospital, group home, or clinic.

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