Semiconductors Metallization Equipment Tender

Tend equipment that deposit layers of metal on semiconductor surfaces.

What does a Semiconductors Metallization Equipment Tender do?

Tends equipment that deposits layer of metal on semiconductor surfaces to provide electrical contact between circuit components: Places semiconductors, such as silicon wafers, crystal units, or fiber optic microchannel plates, in container, using vacuum wand or tweezers. Cleans semiconductors to remove contaminants prior to metal deposition, using chemical baths or automatic cleaning equipment. Loads semiconductors into metallization equipment holders, using vacuum wand or tweezers. Places loaded holders and specified metals in chamber of equipment that deposits layer of metal, such as aluminum, gold, or platinum, on semiconductor surfaces, by sputtering or evaporation process. Manipulates equipment controls that start and adjust metallization process, following processing specifications. Measures electrical conductivity and thickness of metal layer on processed semiconductors, using test equipment. Maintains chemicals and metals for equipment. May tend equipment that deposits insulating layer of glass onto semiconductor wafer surfaces and be designated Glass Deposition Tender.