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Semiconductor Wafers Saw Operator

Tend sawing machines that automatically scribe semiconductor wafers.

What does a Semiconductor Wafers Saw Operator do?

Tends sawing machine that automatically scribes semiconductor wafers prior to separating wafers into individual dies: Flips switches and presses buttons to activate sawing machine. Places wafer mounted on laminated plastic onto moveable chuck of sawing machine, using tweezers. Presses buttons and turns knobs and dials to adjust saw to specifications and to start sawing cycle. Monitors sawing cycle, using magnified viewer or TV monitor, to verify that wafers are scribed according to specifications and adjusts controls if required. Removes scribed wafer from machine and places wafer in container, using tweezers. May mount wafers on plastic laminate, using mounting device. May visually inspect wafers to identify misalignment of scribe lines. May maintain and clean sawing machine. May separate sawn wafers into dies [WAFER BREAKER, SEMICONDUCTORS 726.687-046]. May clean sawn wafers or dies, using cleaning equipment and solutions.