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Semiconductor Wafers Probe Test Equipment Technician

Maintain wafer probes that test circuits on semiconductor wafers.

What does a Semiconductor Wafers Probe Test Equipment Technician do?

Sets up and maintains wafer probe and test equipment that test electrical properties of circuits on semiconductor wafers, following setup manual specifications: Reads process sheet and setup manual to determine test program required and setup specifications. Inserts test probe card in wafer probe equipment. Inserts floppy disk or magnetic tape into slot on test equipment and pushes buttons on test equipment or types commands on keyboard to enter test program. Places sample wafer from specified wafer lot on wafer probe equipment chuck, using vacuum wand or tweezers. Observes wafer through microscope attached to wafer probe equipment and turns knobs on equipment to align and position wafer circuit under probes on probe card, according to setup manual specifications. Activates test equipment to make trial run to ensure correct equipment setup and informs equipment operator that setup is completed. Removes and sharpens worn probes, using handtools and burnishing blade. Replaces defective probes or probe cards and solders joints on replacement probes, using soldering iron. Tests electrical continuity of cable connecting wafer probe and test equipment, using ohmmeter. Replaces defective connector cables. Removes, cleans, and refills reservoir of inker on wafer probe equipment that marks defective circuits with ink spot.