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Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Processor

Tend photographic processing machines.

What does a Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Processor do?

Tends photographic processing machines that coat semiconductor wafers with solutions, such as photoresist and developing chemicals: Places wafers in containers, such as boats, magazines, cassettes or chuck, using vacuum wand or tweezers. Loads wafer containers in photographic processing machine, such as photoresist coater or developer. Pushes buttons and turns knobs to start automatic coating cycle. Removes container of coated wafers from machine. Cleans and maintains machines. Maintains production records. May immerse wafers in baths of developing chemicals. May place coated wafers in oven to set and dry wafers. May enter production information into computer, using computer terminal keyboard. May immerse wafers in chemical baths to etch excess photoresist or to clean wafers. May visually inspect wafers to identify defects, such as misalignment, excess photoresist, and scratches.