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Semiconductor Wafers Etch Operator

Tend etch machines and equipment that remove metal and photoresist.

What does a Semiconductor Wafers Etch Operator do?

Tends etch machine and equipment that remove metal and photoresist and etches electronic circuitry into metallized substrate of wafer surface, according to processing specifications: Places wafers in boats, using tweezers or vacuum wand. Places boats in etch machine or equipment. Turns dials, sets timer and gauges on equipment, or presses buttons on machine to activate etch cycle to etch or remove materials from wafer surface, such as metal or photoresist. Inspects wafer to verify that wafers are not over-etched and that photoresist has been removed, using microscope. May measure specified dimensions of wafers, using microscope measuring attachment. May manually immerse loaded boats into chemical solution baths to etch circuitry into wafer surface.