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Semiconductor Wafer Inspector

Perform duties to inspect, measure, and test semiconductor wafers.

What does a Semiconductor Wafer Inspector do?

Performs any of following duties to inspect, measure, and test semiconductor wafers for conformance to specifications: Inspects wafers under high intensity lamp to detect surface defects, such as scratches, chips, stains, burns, or haze. Measures thickness and resistivity of wafers, using electronic gauges or automated sorting machine. Measures diameter and flat of wafers, using calipers. Inspects bow or flatness of wafers, using electronic gauges, or examines surface of wafers under high intensity lamp. Tests for positive or negative conductivity of wafers, using electronic probe and gauge. Determines crystal orientation of wafers, using x-ray equipment. Encloses containers of inspected wafers in plastic bags for protection, using heat sealer. Records inspection data on production records or in computer, using computer terminal. May tend equipment that cleans surface of wafers [WAFER CLEANER 590.685-102].