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Semiconductor Test Engineer

Test and try to break semiconductors by pushing them to the ultimate limit.

What does a Semiconductor Test Engineer do?

A Semiconductor Component Engineer builds it. It’s your job to break it. As a Semiconductor Test Engineer, you write the programs and create the tests that push semiconductors to the max to see how efficiently they handle whatever you throw at them. Without Semiconductor Test Engineers, semiconductors would break down out of the box, and you’d have lots of angry customers on your hands.

As a Semiconductor Test Engineer, you’re not just a Tester. You’re a Fitness Instructor, and this is technology boot camp. You run those semiconductors through endless drills to find their weak spots, and then you give the results to your Engineers who whip them back into shape.

When you’re not running tests, you spend your time designing them. Planning tests, testing tests, running tests – your work focuses on tests. Computer programming knowledge lets you build different tests the computer will run on the semiconductors. Depending on the size of the company, other Computer Programmers may take the leading role in designing the testing software.

Once you’ve finished testing, you report your results. Your semiconductors receive a pass or fail grade based on durability, performance, and not bursting into flames in the lab. Though testing may sound mundane at first, it’s a complex, creative process that will keep you on your toes.