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Semiconductor Packages Platemaker

Print and develop printing plates used in printing symbols and numbers.

What does a Semiconductor Packages Platemaker do?

Prints and develops printing plates used in printing symbols and numbers on semiconductor packages: Types identifying symbols and numbers on paper or rubs transfer sheet to transfer symbols and numbers onto paper. Places paper containing identification information on camera grid. Places specified lens on camera holder and presses buttons and turns handles to adjust camera focus. Mounts film in guide slot of camera and pushes button to expose film to identify information. Removes exposed film from camera and places film in developer that automatically develops and dries negative. Inserts negative and sheet of polymer into exposure machine. Activates machine to expose negative polymer sheet to print negative image on polymer and form printing plate. Removes polymer plate and places plate in envelope. Maintains production records and machines. May place semiconductor packages in oven to set or dry printing. May immerse printed packages in chemical solution to test durability of printing.