Semiconductor Packages Leak Tester

Tend testing equipment that detect leaks in semiconductor packages.

What does a Semiconductor Packages Leak Tester do?

Tends testing equipment that detects leaks in semiconductor packages: Loads tubes containing semiconductor packages into canister. Places loaded canister in equipment that replaces air in canister with liquid freon or flushes canister with radioactive isotopes. Pushes buttons and flips switches to activate equipment. Removes loaded canister and places either canister or tube of semiconductor packages in leak testing equipment, such as bubble pot or geiger counter tank, that detects gross and fine leaks in semiconductor packages. Inspects tube of packages in bubble pot, using magnifying glass, to identify packages with bubbles, indicating gross leaks. Observes control panel of geiger counter tank to identify radioactive semiconductor packages, indicating fine leaks. Removes tubes and canisters from leak detection equipment and places defective semiconductor packages in containers, using tweezers. Places accepted semiconductor packages in tubes, using tweezers. Maintains production records.