Self Defense Instructor

Train people how to defend themselves from an attacker.

What does a Self Defense Instructor do?

A Self Defense Instructor is a part martial arts expert, part Teacher, and part Salesperson. Working in health clubs, high schools, and colleges, Self Defense Instructors prepare people to fight off an attack.

As a Self Defense Instructor, you work with Personal Trainers, Health Club Managers, Martial Arts Instructors, and Police Officers. An extensive background in personal safety, martial arts, and defensive fighting prepares you to help others.

Self-defense classes train people to be proactive in what can be a scary situation. You start by finding people to teach. That’s where the Salesperson portion of the job comes into play.

Typically, you’re paid based on the number of pupils you have in your class. That means the more people you teach, the more you’re paid. Recruiting participants is vital to your success, and requires a commitment from you. From word-of-mouth advertising to posters to paid commercials, your job extends beyond the gym or classroom.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required, as you plan your lessons and teach them to students. You may know how to do a roundhouse kick, but unless you can explain the steps, your students may never be able to learn. The minute details of payments, schedules, and classes all require your keen attention to detail and organizational skills as well.

Physical fitness and stamina are also important, as you’re active throughout your classes. In this job, leading through example and demonstration is essential. What better way to prove that you can practice what you preach?