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Inspect finished glassware for conformance to quality standards.

What does a Selector do?

Inspects finished glassware for conformance to quality standards: Examines glassware for defects, such as cracks, chips, reams, discolorations, and blisters. Verifies weight and dimensions of glassware, such as height, circumference, thickness, and bottle throat openings, using templates, jigs, micrometers, and fixed gauges; or monitors automatic gauging equipment that measures glassware. Examines glass for annealing defects, using polariscope. Removes glassware to unjam automatic equipment. Throws rejects in cullet bin. May record production, number of rejects, and lehr temperatures. May pack acceptable glassware in cartons, close and seal cartons, and stencil information on carton, using brush and ink. May turn controls to synchronize automatic gauging equipment with conveyor speed.

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