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Seismic Prospecting Observer

Plan activities of field party engaged in collecting seismic data.

What does a Seismic Prospecting Observer do?

Plans and directs activities of field party engaged in collecting seismic data used in prospecting for oil or gas: Designates location of shot holes and placement of seismometers and connecting cables over blast area according to plot drawn by SURVEYOR, GEOPHYSICAL PROSPECTING. Plans and directs activities of workers engaged in laying out seismographic measuring apparatus over test area. Surveys area to verify that equipment is in position specified and tests electrical circuits for continuity. Directs SHOOTER, SEISMOGRAPH to detonate charges placed in shot holes, using short wave radio. Observes reaction of recording instruments to detect irregularity. Develops picture of seismic wave pattern in photographic developing solution. Examines wave pattern on subterranean strata for evidence of distortion caused by electronic crossfeed, short circuit, or loose connection. Orders redrilling of shot holes and equipment layout to repeat shot. Directs repair or repairs instruments or equipment, using manufacturers’ manuals and handtools.