Security Technician

Install cameras and sensors to keep properties safe.

What does a Security Technician do?

To stay one step ahead of the world of crime, you need eyes and ears in every corner. Like a Police Chief ordering troops on a stakeout, a Security Technician sets up security systems that act as lookouts 24/7. Security Technicians design, install, and repair these systems to keep both homes and businesses secure.

As a Security Technician, the systems you work with range from surveillance cameras and motion detectors that warn of intruders, to fire alarms that alert owners at the first sign of smoke. Each system can serve as a life-saving device in a crisis.

Your first order of duty is to scope out the perimeter. After talking with the owners to determine their needs and budget, you scout out the best spots for installing the alarm system and its accessories. Smoke detectors should be plentiful so as to cover the entire building, and security cameras should be free of blind spots where an intruder could sneak past.

Once you’ve decided on an efficient system layout, you install the parts and pieces. Then it’s time to test it out and see that it works properly. You’ll want to educate the owners on how to activate and deactivate the system. Otherwise, they could find themselves triggering an unexpected visit from the police.

Once your state-of-the-art system is up and running, it’s time to pack your bags and move on to the next building in need of some extra security. You ensure that all your clients feels safe in their own homes.