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Security Systems Engineer

Put security systems in place to protect businesses and offices.

What does a Security Systems Engineer do?

Security systems are everywhere. There are motion sensors in place over garages, security cameras at the entrance of banks, and computer programs that block hackers. Security Systems Engineers are in charge of designing and creating these systems that protect everything from businesses to government offices.

The “Engineer” part of this job title is a little misleading. Though you should have some computer skills to be a Security Systems Engineer, don’t expect to be doing the same type of work as an Aerospace Engineer or a Mechanical Engineer. Instead, the systems you put together are already created security structures. As a Security Systems Engineer, you need to know about all types of security options, and then based on what your client is looking for, you put together a plan that will give them the maximum amount of security.

Say, you’re helping protect a government office. Outside, you might position large cement planters to ensure no truck can drive into the building, focus security cameras on all the doors, and require strict authorization codes to gain access to the front door. Inside, you might post Guards at every doorway, require impossible-to-recreate identity badges for all employees, and have computer information strictly encoded.

When not planning out new systems, you run tests on older ones to ensure they still work, research and test new types of security, and meet with clients to offer consultation services.