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Security Officer

Guard properties against troublemakers and criminals.

What does a Security Officer do?

Thieves, drunks, vandals, and broken pipes can all cause a significant amount of damage. The job of a security officer is to spot these hazards and take control of the situation, pronto.

Security officers are generally employed by hotels, hospitals, warehouses, or large offices. You may work during the day, but it’s during the night, when the lights are low and the criminals come out to play, that your services are usually needed most.

You may walk a specific route throughout your shift, making sure that the doors and windows are locked. You may peek in on the mechanical room to check that no equipment is overheating or sounding an alarm.

If you spot an intruder, you detain them and notify the local police department. If you spot a fire, you evacuate the building and contact the fire department. You also notify the building owner if you detect a mechanical problem.

You may be asked to remove a drunken person from the premises, particularly if you work for a hotel that has a large bar in the lobby. You remove the person using the smallest amount of force necessary. Then you increase your patrols near the bar to make sure none of their friends act out in retaliation.

Normally security officers don’t carry firearms. But you wear a uniform so people will know that you’re a paid employee and it’s not a good idea to tangle with you. You need to subdue people with sheer power rather than with the threat of gunfire. Because of this, you probably spend hours at the gym making sure your physique is firm and intimidating.