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Security Consultant

Plan, implement, and maintain security systems for clients.

What does a Security Consultant do?

Security Consultants oversee the design and implementation of security systems for clients. The exact job duties of Security Consultants vary depending on their specialty, but they most often revolve around information technology (IT).

As the Security Consultant for your firm, you are a representative of the company and you have all the answers a potential client is looking for. These include everything from the kinds of products available, to the costs, to the time involved. You start the consultation process by interviewing the management at your client’s firm to find out what they need from your security firm. Then you take that information back to your office, and oversee the creation of a plan tailored to your client’s specific needs.

Once a system is designed, you take it back to the client and oversee its implementation. You make sure it’s up to the specifications originally outlined by your deal, including costs. You also maintain the system regularly, and because of this, even after the original interviews, consultations, and relaying of information, your role with the client doesn’t end.

You continue to work with them, ensuring that their new system is working properly and updating it as needed. Researching new ways to update that security and continually keeping it strong are part of your daily job.