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Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer

Wire sensors to detect intruders and potential blazes.

What does a Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer do?

If humans had eyes and noses in the back of their heads, and they never needed to sleep or leave the house, scores of Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers would be out of work. Thankfully, this is unlikely to happen. Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers put in electrical systems that alert people to smoke, fires, and crooks who have infiltrated a building. These systems might not provide users with extra eyes and noses, but they could help them stay alert to dangers that they might otherwise be unaware of.

As a Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer, you often work on new buildings, under the direction of a General Contractor. When you arrive on the job, you’re given a set of drawings that detail where the system should be placed. Next, you drill holes, run conduit, make electrical connections, and screw in your equipment. Then you test the equipment thoroughly to make sure it works.

When the system is placed in an existing building, you must be a bit more careful. The holes you drill in the walls aren’t quite so easy to fix, as you won’t be able to tap a nearby Drywall Installer to help if you make a mistake. So you proceed carefully and make tiny holes in order to install the system the owner has chosen.

Systems sometimes malfunction, and you’re called in to make repairs. When you arrive, you ask what happened right before the problem occurred, just to make sure the owner didn’t accidentally trip the system. If the owner is not to blame, you check the electrical system point by point to find and fix the problem.