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Securities Analyst

Connect clients with the investment options that best fit their needs.

What does a Securities Analyst do?

A Securities Analyst is a financial expert who guides investors through the maze of stocks, bonds, and treasury bills. On one side is the bank or business who has an investment opportunity to sell; on the other the consumer who wishes to invest money in such a product. The Securities Analyst is the person who connects them.

The title of Securities Analyst is actually a catch-all term covering many positions like Portfolio Manager, or Financial Analyst. Regardless of your specific title, the ” Analyst ” portion is a good description. You constantly analyze reports and spreadsheets in order to keep up with changes in the business world. You use your wealth of knowledge to advise clients about investments. Of course, this starts with a good understanding of the client’s financial goals. Does he seek high-risk/high-payoff? Did she just enter retirement and needs a secure investment to offer dividends for twenty more years?

This is not an 8-5 job. In fact, you are on-call nearly 24/7. Clients are watching the news and the stock market, and when they see something they like or don’t like, they contact you to ensure adjustments are made to their portfolio. When you receive a call from a client who wishes to buy or sell stock, for example, you contact a Securities Broker to make the trade. This is a highly detail-oriented position, which requires focus, dedication, and an acute understanding of the financial world.