Section Supervisor

Supervise the workers engaged in underground, surface, or pit mining.

What does a Section Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in underground, surface, or pit mining in specified section of mine: Coordinates activities, such as timbering, roof bolting, track-laying, undercutting, drilling, blasting, loading, and conveying of coal, ore, or rock. Examines malfunctioning equipment and orders transfer of faulty unit to surface shop or orders repair at work site. Inspects section for hazards, such as gas, falling rock, squeezes, and poor ventilation, using devices, such as safety lamps, anemometer, and crowbar. Maintains records of production, area mined, and location of personnel and equipment. Orders and distributes supplies, such as bits, wire, machine parts, bulbs, and chalk. May evaluate ore in precious-metal mine and be designated Specimen Boss. May be designated according to specific equipment used as Auger Supervisor. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.