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Secretary of Education

Direct educational programs and policies for the entire nation.

What does a Secretary of Education do?

The Secretary of Education is in charge of creating, implementing and monitoring federal programs in relationship to public education across the United States.

The position of Secretary of Education is one of a kind, literally, in that only one person in the entire country holds it at any given time. As Secretary of Education, you are nominated by the President Of The United States and must be approved by the United States Senate. Yep, you’re a big deal.

Once in the position, you are the President’s personal advisor involving all things educational. You evaluate current and pending laws and promote changes as you see fit. If the laws in the pipeline don’t match the goals of your office, you create new ones and work to get them approved by congress. Needless to say, the characteristics of charisma, a good working relationship with others in government, and a passion for your project will go a long ways towards your success.

In addition to reviewing policies and laws, you spend a lot of time educating the public about issues such as lack of resources, low test scores, or the diminishing extra-curricular activities available to kids. In order to fix these issues, you gather information about schools and students all over the nation. Those facts and figures help you target areas for improvement.

With this knowledge and a game plan, you inspire the nation’s people to support your causes, and in turn, benefit the public school system.