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Secret Service Agent

Keep the U.S. President, Vice President, and their families safe.

What does a Secret Service Agent do?

Secret Service Agents have been portrayed in a lot of movies. And for the most part, the movies have gotten the job responsibilities right-Secret Service Agents protect the President Of The United States, the Vice President, and their families. But there is more to this job than what Hollywood depicts. And no, they don’t always wear black.

Protection is just one of the big duties of this job. As a Secret Service Agent, you keep an eye not only on the First Family and the Vice President, but also on visiting dignitaries and their families, official U.S. Representatives who go abroad, and former Presidents and their spouses. You protect these people by coordinating with local and state agencies, as well as the military, both in the United States and abroad.

Your specific duties may include patrolling the areas around the White House, blending into a crowd to keep an eye on spectators, or following your client as they go about their daily schedule, be it going to a Doctor ‘s appointment or a late movie. Needless to say, this job requires a lot of traveling, a high level of physical fitness, perfect sight and hearing, and the ability to always remain alert.

Aside from protection, you have another big responsibility. As a Secret Service Agent, you are employed by the U.S. Treasury Department, and are in charge of investigating crimes against the U.S. financial system. This means that you look into cases of counterfeiting and fraud, whether computer, identity, or telecommunications. If something goes wrong with money in the U.S., you’re part of the group responsible for finding out how it happened and who’s to blame.