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Second Grade Teacher

Teach and discipline a classroom full of second graders.

What does a Second Grade Teacher do?

Children in the second grade are curious about the world and how it works, but they’re also interested in learning how to manipulate a situation to their advantage. Second Grade Teachers help the little dears learn, while maintaining strict control over the classroom so all of the school district’s educational goals are met.

As a Second Grade Teacher, you have a set of textbooks to use in your classroom, as well as a set of concepts that you must help your students master by the end of the school year. Second Grade Teachers are responsible for teaching a variety of subjects, such as English, math, science, and history.

You develop lesson plans that incorporate experiments or art exercises so your students stay engaged. You also give lectures, and ask your students to participate by discussing topics. To test their knowledge, you give quizzes or all-day tests, which also ensure the school district that you’re doing your job properly.

Throughout the school year, you give each student grades. You’re fair-when they work hard, you give them good grades, but when they’re disobedient, you remove them from the classroom and send them to the Principal.

You also meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress. If the student is excelling in school, these may be wonderful conversations where you can praise the child to high heaven. If the student is struggling, however, you may face a difficult conversation, asking the parent to help the child do better.