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Second Assistant Director



Help the First Assistant Director to keep film production running smoothly.

What does a Second Assistant Director do?

The primary role of the Second Assistant Director is to be the right hand at all times to the First Assistant Director (the person who keeps order on set), creating fewer headaches for them, and making sure that all of their directions are being carried out. The Second Assistant Director is also in charge of supervising the Third Assistant Director if there is one. Your daily tasks as Second Assistant Director are exhaustive, but you get to be around some pretty amazing people.

One of your main jobs is to manage the Actors’ schedules by creating the call sheets, making sure they’re in hair and makeup on time, and getting them to set. You are also the liaison between the set and the production office, updating the big-wigs on the status of production.

Each day you make the following day’s call sheet, which means collaborating with the First Assistant Director to pin down the Actors’ schedules and transportation. Then it’s up to you to make sure that the Actor know exactly when they are supposed to be on set; movie-making is too costly to mess up here. You may also be in charge of coordinating the Extras and making sure they are costumed, transported, and on set on time.

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