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Search Engineer

Devise easy and efficient ways to scour databases for information.

What does a Search Engineer do?

When a database has hundreds or even thousands of tiny bits of information, a researcher might not want to sift through that gigantic amount of data, no matter how interesting or important it might be. Instead, that user would probably prefer to skip the hassle and run a search. A Search Engineer makes that happen. Using sophisticated computer programming and an aptitude for math, the Search Engineer makes databases much more user-friendly.

As a Search Engineer, you might work for a job description website, managing pages that contain witty descriptions of regular jobs. Or, you might work for a Photographer who has 1,000 pictures of fluffy kittens online but has no idea how to make the photos searchable to visitors. Anytime there’s a large amount of information that must be searched, you’re called in to help.

First, you run reports to determine how people look for information in the database. Then, you think of ways to make that process easier. If users always misspell certain keywords, for example, you think of ways to add spell check to searches. If users consistently search for articles and get no results, you determine what information you might have that fits the bill.

The software that sits behind databases is always changing, and you keep abreast of new developments that might be helpful for your company. Perhaps a new version searches internal content, for example, while yours only uses headlines. Before you buy new software, however, you test it thoroughly, just to make sure it works. Sometimes, you use your innate skill to tweak the programs you already have and make them work a bit better.