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Search Engine Optimization Specialist



Tweak websites so they rank higher in search engine results.

What does a Search Engine Optimization Specialist do?

Although it sometimes seems like magic the way your search engine finds exactly what you’re looking for, the truth is a little less exciting. Search engines (like Google or Bing) decide which websites to pull up and feature based on things like the keywords you enter, the words found on the resulting websites, and the number of times those websites have been viewed before

Search Engine Optimization Specialists make their company’s website so attractive to search engines that it gets pulled up the most and ends up at the top of the results list. The higher their website is on the results list, the greater the number of people who’ll view it. And the greater the number of people who view it, the more likely their company’s services will be used or their products will be purchased, and the more money the Search Engine Optimization Specialist will be able to make

The job of Search Engine Optimization Specialist is essentially a marketing position, but the big difference between you and a traditional Marketer is you don’t use money on advertisements to pull in clients. Instead, you find ways to improve the connection between your website and the search engine looking for it. You can do this by altering the wording on the website, fixing the site’s coding, or increasing the number of links to other sites

This job requires a balance of writing skills, marketing knowledge, and website know-how. Some people offer this service on a freelance basis, while others work for website design companies or marketing firms.

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