Seamless Hosiery Knitter

Tend circular knitting machines that knit seamless hose.

What does a Seamless Hosiery Knitter do?

Tends circular knitting machines with automatic pattern controls that knit seamless hose: Places yarn spools on creel; threads and starts machine. Observes operation of machines and notifies KNITTING-MACHINE FIXER 689.260-026 of any malfunction. Removes knitted hose from machines. Pulls hose over inspection form or over hand to examine for defects, such as holes, runs, or picks. Classifies hose according to specifications into grades, such as first quality, rejects, and mends. Counts, bundles, ties, and labels each grade of hose. Clips loose or connecting threads on or joining socks, using scissors. May measure overall length of hose, using scale on inspection form. May mark defective portion of hose for HOSIERY MENDER 782.684-030, using crayon. May be designated according to type of hose knitted as Sock Knitter.