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Seam Rubbing Machine Operator

Tend machines that smooth and press seams of shoe parts.

What does a Seam Rubbing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that smooths and presses seams of shoe parts, such as counters, quarters, and joints of uppers by following methods: Positions part under pounder or roller and guides part while machine pounds or rolls seams flat and smooth. Positions part over or under preheated form and depresses pedal that lowers head of machine over part, pressing part to smooth seam. Positions part on anvil under power hammer and depresses pedal that raises anvil and starts reciprocating hammer, flattening, and smoothing seam. May soften parts, using water-soaked sponge. May be designated according to type of machine operated as Power-Hammer Operator; Seam-Press Operator; or according to part of shoe smoothed as Heel-Seam Rubber; Quarter-Lining Smoother; Vamp Presser.