Seals Engraver

Engrave characters and designs in surface of die.

What does a Seals Engraver do?

Engraves characters and designs in surface of die according to customers’ copy or specification, and casts corresponding male die for use in seals, such as corporate or notary seals: Marks vertical centerline on blank or prestamped dies, using compass. Selects style and size of characters and visually spaces characters from centerline to obtain symmetry. Engraves characters in surface of die, using hand stamps and mallet, and restamps closed or distorted characters. Cleans die, using wire brush. Installs finished female die in device used to impress die in molten seal metal to form male die. Melts metal in gas-fired crucible and ladles metal onto aluminum foil sheet placed on base of splash. Drops die into metal and allows it to cool. Removes dies from splash, files notch in both to ensure alignment in seal press, and trims excess metal from counter, using knife. Oils faces of dies to prevent sticking. Applies adhesive fabric to base and ram of press and aligns and mounts dies. Imprints seal on purchase order to verify copy.