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Kill seals for pelts using clubs.

What does a Sealer do?

Kills seals for pelts, using clubs: Rounds up droves of bachelor seals resting or sleeping on beach adjacent to, but distinct from, rookery, using pole to prod them and keep them together. Drives male seals inland to killing grounds, and sorts droves into pods. Kills male seals that are within specified age and size limits, by striking them on head with club, after allowing others to escape. Severs skin around head and flippers of dead seal, using knife, pins its skull to ground with metal bar, and pulls off seal’s skin from head to tail. Loads pelts onto trucks for transportation to plant for cleaning and curing. Washes pelts in sea water. Scrapes fat and blubber from pelts, using hand scraper. Cures pelts in salt or brine, sprinkles boric acid on skin side of pelt to prevent bacterial development, and packs and salts pelts in barrels for shipment and further processing. May be designated according to specific task performed as Seal Driver; Seal Killer; Seal Skinner. Sealing operations are controlled by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.