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Seafood Buyer

Purchase seafood to sell at grocery stores or serve at restaurants.

What does a Seafood Buyer do?

Purchasing the finest seafood that money can buy (with someone else’s money) is a Seafood Buyer’s job. Seafood Buyers are responsible for buying seafood for restaurants, food markets, and grocery store seafood departments. Purchases are based on quality, quantity, and price, and it’s up to the Seafood Buyer to know what to look for.

In this position, you choose seafood such as lobster, scallops, crab, oysters, and fish based on the quality of the product, such as the texture, smell (fresh seafood should not smell fishy), and overall appearance. If you think it doesn’t look or smell right, then you search for a better product.

Negotiation skills are essential since you must also pay the best price possible. Purchasing seafood at the lowest possible price is crucial to maximizing the profit for your company, while also allowing you to pass the savings on to your customers through special pricing and sales. Aptitude for details and data interpretation is important as well, since you must be able to review information about previous sales to predict future purchases.

For example, you negotiate a great price for stone crab so you purchase 1,000 pounds, expecting to sell out. Instead, only 300 pounds are sold at a profit, and the remaining 700 pounds are sold at cost. Obviously, you will reduce the amount of stone crab you purchase in the future.

Spending your days inspecting fresh and frozen seafood gives you the chance to envision days on the beach in an oceanfront community, and dining with the stars. Although not a requirement of the position, you hopefully enjoy seafood as you may be privileged enough to sample your purchases.