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Carve art work out of clay, wood, or other materials.

What does a Sculptor do?

Sculptors create three dimensional works of art. They use stone, ice, wood, metal and other materials to create everything from Abe Lincoln’s head to abstract murals. Or maybe even an abstract mural of Abe Lincoln’s head. Your work as a sculptor can be large or small, good or bad–to qualify as a sculpture it really just needs to be 3D.

That said, a sculptor’s job can be profitable. But if that’s your goal, then you need to be serious about making it so. This requires real talent, a lot of hard work, and a dedication to zealous self-promotion.

So put your work out to show wherever possible. Think of places not typically in the art field that would benefit from artwork–corporations or government buildings might be a good start. Or how about movie sets or fashion shoots? In other words, figure out a way to get your name out there. Otherwise it is hard to get the recognition and subsequent money your talent deserves.

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