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Script Reader

Select scripts that show great box-office promise.

What does a Script Reader do?

From war-torn countries to romantic beaches, Script Readers travel without ever leaving their chairs. Thumbing through page after page of a hopeful Writer’s latest work, a Script Readers is a guardian of the movie world. Until a Writer makes it past the Script Reader’s critical eyes, their screenplay will never hit the desks of big-name Directors.

As a Script Reader, you do just what your job title says: read scripts. Often, you spend two to three hours on each script and read one to two scripts per day. You may have your own office or, if you’re lucky enough to land a freelance position, you can work from home.

Many scripts cross your doorstep, but few pique your interest. You need plot, you need strong characters, and – most importantly – you need passion. The first act of the script, like a good date, should leave you breathlessly looking forward to what’s coming.

Reading is obviously a big part of your work, but what comes next? If you like the script, you write a synopsis of the plot and let your employer know you’ve found a winner. Otherwise, you write encouraging tips on how the Writer can improve the script or turn sagging lines into snappy dialogue.

Like a Jeweler, you see past words on a page to the gemstone buried within. It may take multiple rewrites and a lot of polish, but soon, a once dull script will sparkle like diamonds on the silver screen.