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Script Coordinator

Proofread, edit, and distribute drafts of movie scripts to Actors and crew.

What does a Script Coordinator do?

The Writer finishes the film script with a flourish, shuts down the computer, and heads to the bar to celebrate. The Script Coordinator knows, however, that the writing phase is just beginning. Scripts for movies and films are constantly evolving as shooting progresses, and the Script Coordinator is in charge of each and every edit.

Before the script is given to the Actors and crew, you – the Script Coordinator – perform a thorough proofreading and correct all the mistakes you find. A Rights and Clearance Specialist is also combing through the script, and you work together to find brand names, music titles, and other information protected by trademark or copyright. If the Rights and Clearance Specialist can’t get permission for those items, you send the script back to the Writer and ask for the terms to be removed.

This working draft of the script is then sent to the Actors and the crew so they can begin to memorize their lines and plot out their steps. As the shoot begins, the Director or Producer may ask for plot revisions, location revisions, additional tigers, or any number of changes. You work with the Writer to make the changes, and distribute the corrected scripts when the revisions are done.

While a Script Supervisor stays on the set, making notes about how the filming is progressing, you’re rarely required to be present while the movie is being filmed. The bulk of your work takes place in your office as you work with the creative staff. You’re not involved in the technical aspects of filming. Words are your stock in trade.