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Screwhead Polisher

Produce watch screws of specified dimension and finish.

What does a Screwhead Polisher do?

Polishes screwheads to produce watch screws of specified dimensions and finish, using blocking equipment and polishing wheels: Fits screws in block, using tweezers and suction device. Applies shellac over screws, heats block to melt shellac, and seats screws in block, using handpress. Grinds block screwheads to remove burrs, using grinding wheel. Polishes screwheads to specified dimensions and finish, using flat-lap polisher [FLAT POLISHER], or manually oscillates screwheads on polishing stones, using overhead pole or hand stick to apply pressure. Examines and measures screws to verify required finish and dimensional specifications, using loupe and precision gauge. Washes and boils block to remove loose polish and to liquefy shellac. Taps block to remove screws. Rinses, dries, and places screws in beakers for inspection.