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Screen Printing Machine Operator Helper

Perform a variety of duties to assist screen-printing machine operators.

What does a Screen Printing Machine Operator Helper do?

Performs variety of duties to assist automatic screen-printing machine operator in printing multicolored patterns on textiles: Turns thumbscrews and loosens and tightens bolts, using wrench, to remove, replace, adjust, or align screens in bed of screen printing machine as instructed by machine operator. Pushes new roll of cloth into feed brackets and aligns end of new cloth with end of cloth in machine and sews ends together, using portable sewing machine. Carries stacks of cloth articles, such as towels, washcloths, and bathmats from storage boxes, and stacks articles on shelf for use by workers feeding machine that prints precut cloth articles. Observes operation of printing machine to detect flaws in printing, such as blurs, smears, and color out of register, and reports problem detected to machine operator. Pours printing paste onto screen as required. Loads and unloads handtrucks, and trucks printing screens and drums of printing paste to and from storage areas.