Screen Printing Inspector

Inspect stencils, silk screens, materials, and printed products.

What does a Screen Printing Inspector do?

Inspects stencils, silk screens, materials, and printed products at various stages of production to ensure conformance to specifications, applying knowledge of screen printing techniques: Reviews job order and examines customer artwork and material to be printed, such as vinyl, wood, glass, or paper products, to evaluate suitability of material for silk screen printing. Inspects stencils for conformance to customers specifications and company standards and returns unsatisfactory stencils to cutter for modifications. Examines sample of screen printing prepared from stencil to verify print is complete and color is applied in conformity with customer’s requirements. Feels surface of screen print for smoothness. Discusses corrections to silk screen process with screen printer. Inspects final product to verify quality. Records inspection results on job order or quality control form.