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Screen Printing Equipment Setter

Set up and adjust silk screen printing equipment.

What does a Screen Printing Equipment Setter do?

Sets up and adjusts silk screen printing equipment used to hand print multicolored designs on wallpaper: Adjusts feed rollers and spindle reel to specified tension, using wrench. Compares ink prepared for printing run with master color swatch to confirm accuracy of match. Examines printing screen for sharpness of stencil design and feels screen to verify specified tension on frame. Measures distance between printing guide marker on table and center of screen and adjusts distance as required to ensure specified color print registration. Starts drying oven and sets thermostat to temperature specified for printing run. Observes test run or manipulates equipment to produce test print. Examines print for defects and adjusts equipment to correct defective printing as required. Monitors production activities to ensure standard quality of printing. Trains workers in use of printing equipment.