Screen Handler

Tend equipment that load and unload presses and humidifier units.

What does a Screen Handler do?

Tends equipment that loads and unloads press and humidifier unit that press and treat hardboard, performing any combination of following tasks: Starts conveyor to transfer unpressed mats of woodpulp to automatic press loader. Aligns shelves of press loader with opening in press, and moves controls to transfer mat to pressing screen or metal plate on press bed. Moves controls to align press unloader with press discharge and to activate tongs that grasp pressing screen or plate to pull hardboard from press onto unloader shelves. Lowers unloader and retracts tongs. Moves humidifier transfer car to press unloader and starts hydraulic mechanism that aligns openings in car with shelves of unloader. Starts unloader rollers that transfer pressed hardboard sheets onto humidifier car. Pushes car to humidifier, and activates piston that transfers car to humidifier. Unloads humidifier car after it is automatically discharged from humidifier by aligning rollers of unloading device with car and feeding boards between rollers that pile boards for packing. Assists HUMIDIFIER OPERATOR to remove pressing screens manually from press and transfer them to dolly. Examines screens for damage or defects and marks faulty screens, using crayon. Transfers usable screens to press loader for reuse.