Work as aEvaluate talent evaluator for sports teams.

What does a Scout do?

A sports scout is a member of a sporting organization, whether at the high school or professional level. You help teams and organizations find the best athletes by judging the talent of athletes. You travel extensively, watching young athletes in action, and determine if it is worth investing time, energy, and money on an individual. You judge whether a particular professional athlete could fill a certain position on a team. You may observe a rival team to develop a strategy for your team. You monitor news sources, discuss promising players with coaches, attend events, review statistics and footage, and also persuade athletes to sign up for your organization.

Scouts are usually former players or coaches, as this job requires a profound knowledge of the sport. Programs in sports management, sports psychology, and statistics could help you understand sports operations. You need an eye for detail and analysis skills. Good communication and persuasion skills are required and you should be willing to travel.