Scouring Train Operator

Operate scouring trains to wash, rinse, and dry raw wool.

What does a Scouring Train Operator do?

Operates scouring train to wash, rinse, and dry raw wool preparatory to dyeing or carding: Turns valves to start continuous flow of water, detergent, and acid into bowls. Reads thermometer and turns steam valves to heat wash and rinse solutions to specified operating temperature. Starts machine that feeds raw wool from hopper into washbowl and activates rakes that move wool through bowls to squeeze rolls and rinse bowl. Patrols scouring train to detect choke-up at squeeze rolls and removes jammed fibers by hand. Observes sudsing in washbowls and turns valve to increase or decrease concentration of detergent. Tests acidity of solution in finishing bowl by titration. Turns valve to control flow of acid to maintain specified concentration. Starts fans that circulate hot air in drier. Feels wool delivered from drier and adjusts thermostatic control if wool is not dry. Drains and cleans machine. May feed raw wool into scouring machine hopper. May direct activities of team workers and be designated Scouring-Train Operator, Chief.