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Scooter Mechanic

Keep mopeds and small motorcycles moving.

What does a Scooter Mechanic do?

Scooter Mechanics maintain and repair scooters. Working with specialized tools and diagnostic equipment, they figure out what’s wrong, then use their experience and know-how to fix the problem. If you want a hands-on Mechanic career that will challenge your wits and skills every day, then the job of a Scooter Mechanic could be a perfect fit for you.

As with all machines, a lot could go wrong with motor scooters. To prevent those problems, they need regular maintenance. As a Scooter Mechanic, some days you’ll go through multiple scooters in a row, changing fluids and replacing worn parts, like brake pads. Other days, you’ll spend the entire workday taking apart one scooter to find the root of the problem and correct it.

You’re part of a team, however, so you can always ask your fellow experts for advice and direction when you’re really stumped.

Many scooter repair shops are small operations, so dealing with customers could be part of your job. You need to deliver great customer service, while also educating customers on how to best care for their vehicles. In any field, repeat business is essential to success. In a specialized realm like scooter repair, it could make or break a company.

Your hours vary based on the size of the shop, number of customers, location, and time of year. The rule of thumb for most Mechanics is: be ready for overtime when it comes.