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Scientific Illustrator



Create highly accurate drawings for students and scientists.

What does a Scientific Illustrator do?

Scientific illustrators create realistic and detailed drawings of specimens. The work of scientific illustrators is important to help users understand people, animals, and other things from an anatomically correct perspective.

Despite your binds to anatomical honesty, imagination and creativity aren’t lost here—as a scientific illustrator, you won’t always be copying directly from a textbook. Sometimes you have to do the imagining for the readers and create time-lapse drawings, or show the insides of things that would normally be too small or impossible to see. Thanks to scientific illustrators, we found out in elementary school what the inside of a cell looks like, as well as what a wooly mammoth was.

You can work in medicine, biology, botany, and many other industries, all of which rely heavily on science and detail. In fact, there are so many different industries in which you can work that it helps you and the people you work for if you focus in an area. This way you can bring your specialized knowledge and understanding to the design desk.

Finally, if you can work your way around a graphic design program or two, you’ll be that much more marketable; most illustrating these days involves some kind of computer generated assistance.

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