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School Transportation Supervisor

Coordinate school bus drivers, scheduling, and vehicle maintenance.

What does a School Transportation Supervisor do?

When the clock ticks toward the end of the school day, School Transportation Supervisors get to see all their hard work in action in an event that might be described as “The Bus Ballet.” With so many buses traveling to and from school, it takes an organized and strategic thinker to keep School Bus Drivers zipping around on their appointed schedules like well-trained Dancers. School Transportation Supervisors scout out qualified Drivers, enforce safety guidelines, and plan out the multiple routes crisscrossing throughout the area their school district serves.

If you’re a School Transportation Supervisor, you hire new Bus Drivers and ensure that their licenses are all up to date at the beginning of the school year. Once the year is in full swing, you spend each day planning out bus routes to ensure each Driver covers his route in a set amount of time. If a Bus Driver runs too late, parents start to worry, but if the Bus Driver shows up too early, then the child’s parent or Babysitter may not be there to pick them up.

Organization is only one part of your job; your automotive knowledge plays a big role as well. As School Transportation Supervisor, you’re also in charge of keeping buses maintained, and ordering new parts if one breaks down.

Whether you’re planning transportation for a field trip or finding substitutes for sick Drivers, you lead the school’s transportation dance from start to finish. No route goes uncharted, no bus falls behind schedule, and no child misses their ride when you’re on duty.