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School Superintendent

Ensure that all schools in your district meet performance standards.

What does a School Superintendent do?

High school students sometimes don’t know whether to hate or worship the head of their district. They might disagree with their call on snow days and starting bell times, but the truth is they owe a lot to their district’s School Superintendent.

As the School Superintendent, you’re the Chief Executive Officer of the district and the head of the board of education, and you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. You’re handling a much more precious resource than most big-shot corporate CEOs, something more valuable than oil or gold. The minds (and future) of the community are yours to protect and guide.

Leadership comes naturally to you, even when you’re stressed. In fact, when you’re stressed out over the responsibilities heaped onto your plate — like renovation costs, standardized test scores, and budget cuts — you’re only motivated to work harder. Luckily, you have a trick up your Superintendent sleeve: your stellar organizational skills. Planning meetings and scheduling fundraisers are a cinch when you know how to manage your time well, even if that means keeping a planner by your side day and night.

When you’re the head honcho, there are a lot of people who want a piece of your valuable time, and most of them share your worries and your goals. You understand the sentiments of concerned parents, Teachers, or School Principals because, even though you’re now the School Superintendent, you once stood in their shoes. Luckily, unless you’re hosting a public forum, it’s not always you versus them. The community stands behind you, supporting your decisions and letting you steer their school system in a positive direction.