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School Psychologist



Guide students through the emotional challenges of school life.

What does a School Psychologist do?

Becoming a School Psychologist can be an extremely rewarding career choice. The school years, from kindergarten through college, are often a very stressful time for students. Thanks to the School Psychologist, they have someone to go to when they feel overwhelmed, sad, desperate, confused, angry, depressed, anxious, or hopeless.

There are a variety of jobs that you perform as a School Psychologist. You might specialize in one area, such as career counseling at the college level, or you might wear a closet full of different hats.

At the elementary level, you work with parents and Teachers to help students who have learning disabilities, anger or behavioral problems, or family issues, such as a sick sibling or divorced parents.

In the middle school setting, you can aid peer pressure, problems with friends, struggles with schoolwork, and changes in the body to the list of student concerns. You are also available when there’s a crisis on or off campus, such as the death or illness of a student or Teacher.

During high school, hormonal changes amplify any problems the students may be having. Sexuality becomes a common topic. In addition, students are at a point in their lives where they are making life decisions, such as whether to join the military, what college to go to, and what career to pursue.

You might also perform similar tasks at the college level. Regardless of where your office is, you listen to students, help them make daily and life decisions, and guide them towards healthy, safe choices.

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