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School Nurse



Provide basic healthcare and screenings to students.

What does a School Nurse do?

While being exceptionally good looking may serve you well in other careers (and life in general), it can actually make your job as a School Nurse more demanding-nothing will incite an imaginary epidemic among high school students as quickly as an attractive School Nurse.

All hotness aside, a School Nurse’s job encompasses more than merely applying cartoon covered bandages to skinned knees and taking temperatures. As a School Nurse, you help prevent illness and potential health problems with health assessments and screenings, and provide basic healthcare and first aid to sick or injured students.

A single day might find you comforting a sniffling kindergartener, coordinating a school health fair, counseling a pregnant teen, or teaching a nutrition class. Your sound judgment and good decision-making skills help you prevent flu and head lice epidemics from ravaging the entire school. They also help you determine if a child is really sick and needs to be sent home, or if they are just faking to avoid algebra class.

As far as nursing jobs go, this one is fairly relaxed. General duties are fairly standard Nurse fare: maintaining the student’s health records, administering scheduled medications and immunizations, helping children manage chronic conditions (such as asthma or diabetes), and developing the school’s health policies and programs. But doing this from an admin office is a lot different than working in a hospital.

However though the pace is slower, these tasks still hold a lot of responsibility. Your job encourages the physical, mental, and emotional well being of the students and helps minimize absences by keeping the kids well. Plus you are the first on the scene for rare emergencies, and, all too often, you are the only healthcare professional a child will see.

On the whole, being a School Nurse offers good hours, a terrific work schedule, and the satisfaction of helping students stay healthy and educational success.

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