School Commissioner

Keep track of changes in educational laws and apply them to your district.

What does a School Commissioner do?

Public schools are ever-changing, living entities. Every time governmental leaders make a change in curriculum requirements, every school system across the nation makes staffing, scheduling, and classroom adjustments to accommodate it. Even when there aren’t new changes to worry about, running a school district is no day at the playground. It requires decision-making, guidance, and inspiration.

And in comes the School Commissioner. School Commissioners work as liaisons between forces outside the school and those within the campus boundaries. In other words, School Commissioners oversee what’s going on in all the schools in their district, while paying particular attention to how legislation affects them.

If you can visualize the activity of a typical school on any given day, you can imagine the multitasking the job of a School Commissioner requires. Although you aren’t involved in this month’s theatrical presentation of Romeo and Juliet, you’re engaged at a higher level. You leave the day-to-day challenges to Teachers, Principals, and School Superintendents while you look for ways to improve public education in a broader sense. For example, you might pursue contracts with food vendors (yummy cafeteria food) or transportation companies.

Creating, stretching, and re-stretching the budget are part of your daily workout. As the state and federal educational dollar diminishes, you find ways to meet state testing benchmarks without compromising educational quality. In addition, you keep close tabs on decisions being made in the House and Senate so that you can understand and prepare for legislative changes.