School Chancellor

Set budgets and policies as a top-level officer of a university system.

What does a School Chancellor do?

Every school system has a hierarchy of positions that range from Janitor to President. Each person has a different focus. While some target classroom waste cans, others aim their scope at teaching. On the administrative side of things, there are Principals, Board Members, Presidents, Superintendents, and the School Chancellor.

Defining what you do as the School Chancellor begins with explaining the title itself. The definition varies across international waters, and even from state to state. In some local schools, the School Chancellor is in charge of one campus, and is also known as the University President. More commonly, the School Chancellor is in charge of an entire state’s school system, typically at the university level.

Your day-to-day duties place you in charge of overseeing each university’s President. But you do much more than wear your Manager ‘s hat. You also work closely with Policymakers and School Administrators to implement, change, improve, and enforce school guidelines. Topics you consider on a regular basis include campus safety, staffing, curriculum, and, of course, the all-important budgets.

Being a School Chancellor means being a creative thinker. In an economy where all schools are feeling the budget crunch, it’s up to you to offer the programs students need at a price that will keep higher education attainable for all who want it. In addition, you must be able to build relationships with the political decision-makers who support your weighty cause.